Thursday, 6 July 2017

Lambdas, New IO, and parsing textfiles in a hurry.

Okay, so I needed to do some parsing of a file containing URLs (which I "wget"-ted) and moving the retrieved files to proper locations.

I decided to write a quick Java program to do this instead of messing around with scripting languages or a Linux bash shell.

It worked very well, and I am rather pleased with the result and Java 8.

It contains the following "new/newer/not-very-old" stuff:
  • a lambda
  • a stream (of Strings)
  • a method reference (used as a lambda)
  • the java.nio.file package (New IO)
One small note: lambdas implement an interface. In this case the forEach requires a lambda that implements the Consumer interface. The Consumer interface does not specify an IOException. Therefore, I am required to catch it here and rethrow it unchecked.


[1] Java SE 8 - Official Javadoc

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