Thursday, 26 May 2016

Replacing ... With Boolean Expression

I found my IDE (IntelliJ) mentioning casually to me that I should replace this:
return municipality != null ? countSupply(municipality) > 0 : false;
With this:
return municipality != null && countSupply(municipality) > 0;

Trivial, I know, but most impressive of the IDE to catch that.

In the mean time, I'll patiently wait for the next version of the IDE that can actually do my programming for me.

Until that day, I'd better get back to work.

Thursday, 12 May 2016


Our architect recently let us know that there is an Introduction to TypeScript1 available on the edX Website2.

Naturally, given that the TypeScript I am using at work is still very hard for me to understand, and given the fact that I wish to start using Angular 2 (which uses Typescript extensively) at home, I found this to be fascinating.

It was only a matter of minutes for me to enroll.

The course starts on May the 16th and is given by Microsoft experts and apparently the inventor of the TypeScript language.

I am quite looking forward to it and will let you know my thoughts at the end of the course.


[1] edX - Introduction to TypeScript
[2] edX - Free online courses from the world's best universities
Microsoft Virtual Academy
Typescript Tutorial - Quick Start