Thursday, 1 June 2017


I have recently changed my security realm settings, and I thought I'd document them here.

I'm still using the flexibleJDBCRealm1 as I've documented in previous blogs2,3.

In the Glassfish administration console, under Configurations -> server-config -> Security -> Realms -> myRealm, the settings are now as follows.
datasource.jndijdbc/mydbthe data source to my database
password.digestSHA-512I have upgraded from SHA1 to SHA2, which seems more secure
password.encodingHEX:128See note below
sql.groupsselect groupid from mmv_groups where name in (?)using a database view, makes it easier to change table layout without effecting the securityrealm
sql.passwordselect password from mmv_users where name in (?)same as above


The SHA-512 encoding always creates 128 characters as the hash.

However, in the source code of the flexibleJDBCRealm, this hash is converted from a byte[] into a hexadecimal string by means of a call "new BigInteger(1, aData).toString(16);".

This effectively means that if the byte[] starts with one or more "0"s, these are removed in the BigInteger call leaving you with a hash that is less than 128 characters.

This is why I need to use "HEX:128", instead of just "HEX".


The values are easily verifiable in the database.

I can just do a
SELECT SHA2(usertable.password, 512) from usertable where user='mrbear';

It should yield the exact same result as the encryption function of the flexibleJDBCRealm.


[1] FlexibleJDBCRealm
[2] Security Realms in Glassfish
[3] Glassfish Security Realms
[4] Installation instructions

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