Thursday, 27 April 2017

Cucumber @After en @Before Hooks

We're using Cucumber at work to write tests, end-to-end-tests that access the user interface of the web application using Selenium.

I recently added an @After hook to a class that contained my StepDefinitions.

However, this @After hook was also called by all other scenarios1, which was not my intention.

As a matter of fact, that @After I added was executing similar code as an @After in another StepDefinition class. I verified that both @After annotated methods were executed for each and every scenario, and they were.

So I decided to move all @After annotated methods into a "GlobalStepDefinition" class, and collaps all of them into one method.

Incidentally, reference [3] shows why we should not have many of these end-to-end tests.


[1] GitHub Issues - Before and After methods invoked for unused step definition classes #1005
[2] Cucumber - Polymorphic Step Definitions
[3] - TestPyramid

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