Thursday, 10 March 2016


Had a small issue with installing Lightfish onto my Glassfish. I noticed this issue before, but forgot to write down the solution somewhere (that's how it goes).

[2016-03-06T13:20:51.109+0000] [glassfish 4.1] [WARNING] [poolmgr.create_resource_error] [] [tid: _ThreadID=224 _ThreadName=AutoDep
RAR5038:Unexpected exception while creating resource for pool DerbyPool. Exception : javax.resource.spi.ResourceAllocationException: Connection could not be allocated because: : Error connecting to server localhost on port 1527 with message Connection refused.]]

Ahhh, found the solution again, the Derby database server is not installed/started automatically:
asadmin start-database
This's what I wanted to see:
[2016-03-06T13:34:06.500+0000] [glassfish 4.1] [INFO] [NCLS-DEPLOYMENT-02035] [] [tid: _ThreadID=224 _ThreadName=AutoDeployer] [timeMillis: 1457271246500] [levelValue: 800] [[
[AutoDeploy] Successfully autodeployed : /home/glassfish/glassfish4/glassfish/domains/domain1/autodeploy/lightfish.war.]]


[0] Adam Bien - Lightfish
[1] GitHub - Lightfish
[2] StackOverflow - Derby Pool ping fails with in Glassfish
Youtube - Project LightFish--Java EE Telemetry For GlassFish

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