Saturday, 22 August 2015


We have recently switched over to using Flyway to manage our database scripts at work.

The old way

A network share with a bunch of database scripts, each one dedicated to a specific version of our software product.

This used to work okay, but was a major hassle to keep all these database scripts properly administered.

Never mind the issues with attempting Continuous Delivery.

The new way

Then we finally got 'developer databases', i.e. each developer got her/his own database to fiddle around in.

It was a royal pain every time I recreated my developer database from scratch, to find and locate all the database scripts to get my database up to the correct version for my software.

Now I can just use Maven with a specific Flyway target to migrate my standard database to the version I need. And the database scripts evolve along with the software, so the correct version is always available.

Life just got simpler.



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