Friday, 19 September 2014

Maven and PlantUML

This blog explains about integrating PlantUML with Netbeans and Maven. For integrating PlantUML with Netbeans and Ant, see my previous blogpost here.

The blog at [2] explained to me how to add PlantUML to my Maven project, using the special plugin developed by jeluard1.

Just adding the following to the plugins did the trick:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Netbeans and Maven

In Netbeans you can select Actions on your project to perform. There is a coupling between the action and the goals in Maven that are executed3.

These can be changed by going to your Netbeans Project Properties (right-click your project, select properties) - select "Actions" - select "Generate Javadoc".

Then add the plantuml Maven goal, com.github.jeluard:plantuml-maven-plugin:generate. You're likely to end up with the following:
generate-sources javadoc:javadoc com.github.jeluard:plantuml-maven-plugin:generate


[1] GitHub - jeluard/maven-plantuml-plugin
[2] Smartics - Using PlantUML
[3] Netbeans - MavenBestPractices


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