Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Red Soup

Recently had a real life experience that I could map to Software Design.

Occasionally, I or one of my colleagues gets beverages for everyone. The scheduling is: the one who wants to have a beverage gets some for the rest as well and queries their preference beforehand.

In this case, the job landed on one of my colleagues.

The conversation went something like:
Guy1: What would you like?
Me: I'd like some Red Soup.
Guy1: What kind of Red Soup?
Me: Red Soup! You're the Factory, figure it out.
Me: Convention Over Configuration!
Guy2: Should he draw you an UML diagram? As long as it implements or extends RedSoup.
Guy1: With Cream?
Me: That's an implementation detail. Not interested! Red Soup! Go!

It left me in stitches, I'm geeky like that.

(added an overview of the different arrows in UML. I always get confused.)

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