Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Java EE 7 Launch

I have been unable to write about the Webcasts I have followed on the 12th of June regarding the release of Java EE 7. (See Java EE 7 Launch Webcast: Jun 12th)

So here's my attempt.

I'm going to put some points down as a reminder for me on what are the main points of JEE 7 indicated in the Webcast.
  • HTML 5
    • WebSockets
    • Servlet 3.1 NIO
    • JSF 2.2
    • JSON
      • Streaming API - searching and retrieving data from large JSON documents
      • Object Model API - creation and updating of JSON documents
    • REST
  • Developer Productivity
    • More Annotated POJOs
    • Less boilerplate code
    • Cohesive integrated platform
  • Meeting Enterprise Demands
    • Batch Processing
      • Item oriented : chunk (normally used)
      • Task oriented : batchlet
    • Concurrency
    • JMS


Your First Cup: An Introduction to the Java EE Platform
Release 7 for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition
Introduction to Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7
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