Wednesday, 13 March 2013


So, after several of years in the business, I've had the pleasure to learn a new database server in each and every new job. I consider it a happy coincidence.

Here's a list:
1999 - 2009 : Sybase ASE
2009 - 2010 : Microsoft SQL Server
2011 - now : Oracle Database Server
2013 - now : recently followed the course to learn the workings of the Postgres Pro Advanced Database Server of EnterpriseDB, which is based on PostgreSQL

And, of course, I've dabbled at home with MySQL, but then, who hasn't?

So, in total:
  • Sybase ASE
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Database Server
  • PostgresPro Advanced Database Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL

I should be expanding this list with some NoSQL databases, but currently no projects that fit the bill on hand.

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