Monday, 12 March 2012


I was experimenting with the new MathML, Markup Language for Displaying Equations in your browser.

There are a lot of different ways, apparently, of displaying equations. Most of them are JavaScript libraries[3] [4] that have been written.

I'm opting for "a standard", described at [1].

Thank heavens that it is possible to use MathML (3.0) without having to use html+xml and other requirements like in MathML 2.0. [2]

Unfortunately, it's support in browsers is still sorely lacking, for example Long Division is one of the new things in MathML, and it is either not well supported, or I am doing something seriously wrong.


The Quadratic Formula


Long Division

٣ #x0664;٣٥٫٣ ١٣٠٦ ١٢ ١٠ ٩ ١٦ ١٥ ١٫٠ ٩ ١

Well, the long division example shows in my browser as utter junk. I hope someone else has more luck in viewing. Let me know. The examples in [5] also show non-working long division.


Math MSIE 9 Chrome 17 FF10FF 8 FF 6Opera 11
EquationsXXOO OX
Long divisionXXXX XX

[1] MathML 3.0
[2] MathML 3.0 Spec
[3] Math Jax
[4] Html5MathML
a notation that is commonly used in Netherlands for Long Division[2]
MathML, Firefox, and Firemath
[5] MathML 3.0 Spec Test Suite
An introduction to MathML
Blogging Mathematics
Mozilla MathML Project
Firefox Mathml Demo
Firemath - Editor - Plugin for Firefox

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